Fashion Questions

Fashion Questions


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Colors for Fair Skin

Green Looks Great on Fair SkinThe Right Colour to Wear for Your Hair and Skin Tone

Fair skin tones are probably told one of two things: firstly, that pastel colors are perfect to compliment their subtle skin colour, and secondly that they can wear black because it is a universal color. These are both so untrue. Fair skin tones can be way more creative and colorful with what shades they wear!

 The lovely Jess at Idols Craving Ballerinas wears color fearlessly, and looks amazing in her many different outfits. Green, ivory and coral are the colors she looks most amazing in, and although black and blue aren't totally right for her skin: she wears them with such panache and skill that it looks both dramatic and stylish!

 This green scarf gives a great color lift to the outfit, and makes an otherwise regular outfit look individual, unique and therefore outstanding.

Best Colors To Wear

Keep in mind that there are two different kinds of fair skin: one with freckles and a warm undertone, and another with clear skin and a cooler undertone. The first category probably has golden/red undertones in their hair, and the second is probably blonde. So here are some ideas for each type:

Type 1 - Freckles, warmth, golden, red.

 Your beautiful English Rose complexion will mean that earthy colors will suit you best. Browns and greens will really make you glow, and don't be afraid to wear red! For some chicer, less "colorful" options, navy blue, dark grey and ivory will look amazing.

Colors that won't be as awesome are black, white, marl grey, sky blue, bright pink, neon or purple. If you do want to wear pink, go for one with a yellowish, golden undertone like coral.

Type 2 - Clear, cool, blonde, brown. 

 Clear colors will compliment your clean complexion. Berry, wine, and other deep reds will look stunning as evening wear. Whereas cream, turquoise and aqua will really look phenomenal. Gold is a great way to bring out the colour of your hair.

Colors that wont look as good are bright yellow, lilac and pale blue. Look for colors that make your face really glow, and pay attention when people say you're looking well - you are probably wearing a color that really suits your skin tone.

Don't Be Afraid

Wear the colors that suit you on days when you need to look presentable and expensive. Or, forget the color rules and wear what you like! Whatever you do, consciously do it, and be confident.