Fashion Questions

Fashion Questions


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Fashion and Food 

Trends, diets, restaurants and bakeries... 

There has always been a very close relationship between fashion and food, but I am sure that the line is getting closer and closer. This last season for example, Glamour were standing outside New York Fashion Week with some very delicious cupcakes to give away.

 There are some gorgeous bloggers who couldn't separate the two most beautiful things in the world, and therefore decided to blog about both things they eat and things they wear. Notably, Swank Heights (below) has both an impressive taste in fashion as well as a great taste for quality food. She'll recommend fab places to eat and shop, and is an inspiration for any aspiring "fashion foodie".

Fashionable Restaurants

Cupcakes are important. Very important. They are beautiful, and very extravagant whilst still being affordable. They are fun, and you can alter them to suit your mood. Today, I might feel like a gluten free, vanilla buttercream iced cupcake, but tomorrow I might just fancy a carrot cake cupcake with loads of cream cheese icing on top. They say decadence, and transport you back to Marie Antoinette's 18th century France...a very fashionable and glamorous era!

Other baked delicious goodies that would be happy to be seen in a patisserie are often the centre of attention in photoshoots. There's often a picnic shoot each summer, and chocolate is almost always in every magazine. Don't forget that posing outside a delicious, high class deli in New York City is a great place to take a stylish photograph!

More and more frequently there are articles in top fashion magazines about the best places to grab some lunch or a bite to eat for dinner. About how to prepare perfect sushi, or how to live on a macrobiotic diet. Most of all, fashion mags are great at de-mystifying food trends and diet fads, whilst still helping you to feel like you took part in it.

There are so many different types of diets out there, that it'll be impossible to pin down just one that's right for you. But a couple that we find interesting are: the Raw Food diet and the GI diet. They are definitely completely different, and you'll enjoy one more than the other. Both focus on vegetables and organic produce, and taking the time to make your own meal and having an awareness of what different foods have in them.

One of the best healthy eating websites out there is Enjoy Healthy Eating; it has some great, easy to make recipes and advice on how to be more healthy every day. Or if you'd rather read a daily healthy eating blog, then have a look at Not Just Apples, which has loads of healthy living tips and recipes.