Fashion Questions

Fashion Questions


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How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

 Decoding the cocktail dress code can be tricky, so here are a list of fashion questions and answers that are often asked about dressing for a cocktail party. Find out what's appropriate for women, men and children, and how you can write the correct wording on occasion invitations.

Cocktail Dress at a Bar

A cocktail dress is usually knee length or just above, and in a simple fabric in one plain colour. Though there are variations of this, it is the standard dress code for women. A little jacket or shrug is great in cooler weather, but women ought to bear a little skin at a cocktail affair.

If you are writing dress code wording on an invitation and you'd like your guests to wear smart formal clothing, then writing 'cocktail attire' on the invites is the simplest way to get people looking well dressed. Men will have to wear shirts, and women ought to wear dresses.

Cocktail bridesmaid dresses are a brilliant choice for weddings, as they look very smart, and similar to standard bridesmaids dresses, but without the pricetag. They are easy to find online in a number of different colours.

You can also wear cocktail gowns to balls, proms or formal dances - they are a great thing to keep in your wardrobe, and buy in preparation for special occasions.

Designers do a great job of creating beautiful clothes for cocktail parties, as office drinks and socialising are very popular among those who can afford such clothes. Look to the runways for inspiration if you want ideas on how to accessorise your look.

Cocktail attire for juniors is simply a mini version of the adult - boys should wear trousers and shirts, and girls should wear pretty knee length dresses. Grooming their hair into a more formal look is perfect for important occasions too, as it will make them feel special, and look right for photos.

Your Questions Answered:
     ♥ How long should a cocktail dress be?
A cocktail dress is usually between thigh and knee length - a very royal length is appropriate, just above the knee, wherever flatters your figure most. It ought not to be as short as a  club dress, nor as long as calf length.

     ♥ Can I wear jeans to a cocktail party?
It's not very appropriate to wear jeans to a cocktail party, though there are special occasions when you might be able to get away with it - say a small party with friends, rather than a wedding or office party. But, you'll feel more confident in a dress!

     ♥ What is appropriate dress for a cocktail party in December?
A knee length dress, with an evening coat over the top in order to get to your event in the cold weather. If it's a Christmas cocktail party, then wearing a red dress, velvet or something sparkly would be a great outfit choice.

     ♥ What is the difference between a cocktail dress and formal dress?
A cocktail dress is usually very simple, figure hugging and plain, whereas a formal dress can be brighter coloured, quirky or more personally detailed.

     ♥ Does a cocktail dress have to be black or does it depend on the event?
It certainly doesn't have to be black! Darker colours are often preferred, but if you keep the dress line simple a paler or brighter colour is very pretty and flattering.

     ♥ Should I wear heels or flats with a cocktail dress?
Heels are perfect for a cocktail party, but now with so many pretty flats out there, if you'd feel more comfortable in them, then find some with pretty jewels or details on to wear instead. The heels don't have to be a specific height, so you can wear kitten heels if you want.

     ♥ Is it ok to wear a cocktail dress for prom?
Absolutely! Though something a little more detailed would be far better, and more interesting to wear. You could add a little embellishment to a simple cocktail gown though - pop a sparkly brooch on, or do your hair in a very interesting way.

     ♥ What should a man wear to a cocktail party?
A man should wear trousers (not jeans), shoes (not boots) and a long sleeved shirt. A tie and waistcoat might be necessary, depending on the event itself.