Fashion Questions

Fashion Questions


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Mocha Soy Whippy

Fashion Questions asked blogger Sarah of Mocha Soy Whippy all about her individual style, her wardrobe and how she spends her time. Here's what we found out:

Mocha Soy Whippy Blog1. How would you describe your style?
This is the hardest question and the one I get asked most often! Classic and preppy mainly. But I like a whole variety of different styles and like to mix things up. I think a person’s style is a part of their personality and can’t be described in a few words!

2. Who is your fashion icon?
There are so many- for different reasons. For glamour and sophistication it has to be Grace Kelly. And right now I love Diane Kruger- she has the best red carpet looks.

3. Which is your favorite outfit you've ever worn?
I can’t choose a favourite! Thats like making someone choose their favourite child! Haha. Well, this outfitis great because I can’t help but smile in it! Honestly, you can’t be serious in an outfit like this! But as it's usually raining in the UK - it has be to be this one.

4. Describe your ultimate meal.
Anything Japanese I love! My bf cooks the most amazing Japanese dishes.

5. Where do you buy your clothes?
High street stores such as Topshop and Zara are my go-to shops. I also love local vintage stores and of course, eBay. There are so many amazing finds on eBay!! I would love to shop at designer stores, but that’s not possible yet- not on a student budget!!

6. How do you put together an outfit?
I really don’t know! I suppose it depends on how much time I have to get ready. I try not to wear a whole outfit more than once, but obviously I re-wear clothes, so the most important thing is finding staple pieces than can be worked in many different ways.

7. Describe your perfect weekend...
Perfect weekends are when the bf and I decide to pop into London for a couple of days. We browse the shops, walk in the parks, eat lots of food and Summer Stylesometimes visit old friends. Visiting my family up in Yorkshire always makes for a good weekend too, I wish I could do it more often.

8. Any tips for looking good in a photo?
Haha, no but if anyone has any tips I’d be grateful! Just have fun! And good natural light helps.

9. Who are your favorite designers?
Ah, so many! I’ll have to say a British designer, definitely Burberry at the moment. They’ve totally come away from the plaid stigma they had, Christopher Bailey is a genius! Japanese designers like Comme des Garcons are great too. And I can only dream of owning a Chanel piece.

10. Which 3 items in your closet do you wear most often?
A seafoam coloured skirt I bought in Japan is my favourite this summer. A semi sheer white blouse is definitely a wardrobe staple. And my hats- I love hats!