Fashion Questions

Fashion Questions


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What do I wear to a runway show?

Wear the latest trends comfortably and stylishly

Knowing what to wear to a runway show is tricky, even the most regular catwalk watching celebrities or fashion journalists struggle to know what to wear throughout fashion week. But there are a few tips and tricks of the trade that are pretty important to remember when choosing your outfit for this event.

Runway Catwalk Fashion ShowThe most important things to remember when dressing for a runway show:

  • Carefully select all the items in your handbag
  • Choose an outfit that is classic, but with some individual statement.
  • Choose something that is comfortable but well fitted

Tips and Tricks

There is one particular outfit that always looks chic and allows for you to show of your own individual style too: this is the dress, jacket, boots combo.

Just make sure to update it for each season, whilst remaining true to your own personal style. Pop on some low heeled boots, or flats on a pair of tights or leggings (whichever is more weather appropriate).

Leather jackets are always fashionable as long as they fit and flatter your shape, and come in either black, tan or brown. Another fail-safe wardrobe essential.

Tickets for my Fashion Week

Getting tickets for fashion week is almost impossible for most shows, but if you can work your way into the fashion crowd, then a ticket might just show up at your door.There are ways you can get to trendy runway shows that are showcasing top designers and some of next season's looks; head to London Fashion Weekend to experience some of the UK's most coveted designer brands.

Driver for Fashion Week

There is no better accessory to fashion week than your own personal driver, someone who knows the city well, and can be there when and wherever you ask. This gives you the luxury to keep different outfits and shoes in the car too, so you can quickly change between shows!

This is really handy when the weather is bad, a chauffeur driven car can make a huge difference to how relaxed and agreeable you are throughout the week. Hiring a Mercedes could cost anything from £36 per hour, try Chauffeur London or Image Chauffering New York.

What to Pack in Your Handbag for a Runway Show

Don't leave it til the last minute to pack a few essentials into your handbag, make sure you have everything you need placed into your bag:

  • Lip balm, gloss or lipstick - pack your favourite shade to keep you lips moisturised and colorful.
  • Phone - An iPhone or Blackberry is a great accessory this season, as well as making sure you know which show you have to get to next, its vital to let your friends and work colleagues know just how great that last show was!
  • Hand Sanitizer and Moisturiser
  • Tasty Treats - Grab some delicious healthy snack packs of nuts, dried fruit and seeds.
  • Water - Essential to rehydrate between shows!
  • Sunglasses - so you can look every part the expensive and serious fashionista!