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Fashion Questions


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Sew Your Own Clothes 

How to follow patterns and use your creativity

Sewing your own clothes is one of those things that many people will talk about, but few people will commit to. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it's not actually that much cheaper to make your own clothes...when we have big stores like Old Navy and Primark on our high streets. The second reason is that people think it's very complicated and time consuming; what's a pattern for, and how do you thread a sewing machine?

Sewing your own clothes is a great way to find your own personal style, if you haven't already found it! Just start by heading to your nearest fabric store. Give yourself plenty of time to browse, feel each type of fabric, try and visualise it as a skirt, dress or jacket. Have a look at the different types of buttons, zips, lace and iron-ons. Get a small sample of everything you like, or write down the exact type of fabric.

Next, you'll want to work out what sort of style/item you are going to make. You can do this in a few different ways. Either get a pattern and follow it, or find a piece of clothing you already own and love and try to copy it, or you could totally make it up from scratch!

Another way to learn to sew your own clothes would be to replicate what other people have done, and follow their advice. Angela See Angela Blog has a whole host of ideas for designs, and ways in which you could create wearable items for your wardrobe. Below are a few of her designs and creations, that she has learnt how to make.

Angela See Angela Blog Fashion Illustration

Angela is very experimental with her designs, which is a great asset to the finished result. She is able to wear some fantastic clothes, that look designer, but are in fact handmade.

Here are some ideas for simple projects to start you off:

♥  Skirts - These are usually the easiest thing to make, because they require no confusing measurements apart from the waist and hips. They don't even need a could simply put some thick elastic round the centre, and use a stretchy fabric for the main part of the skirt.
♥  Bags - Making your own bag is a great way of familiarizing yourself with your sewing machine. You can try out different stitches, attempt to attach a zip and maybe some buttons too.
♥  Dresses - this is the step up from a skirt, but it is totally possible! You'll need a pattern to make one of these, so make sure it's a style you could replicate in different colors and fabrics. 50s dress patterns are a gorgeous and versatile option. Start by using some cheap fabric, so that you can make a few mistakes, and then upgrade to your favorite fabric.

Tips for sewing your own clothes:

 - Be prepared to rethread your machine several times!
 - Invisible thread is amazing, especially if you can't find a matching color.
 - Vintage patterns are classic and simple to create.
 - Practice makes perfect. Try out different ways of joining and threading on a spare scrap of fabric.
 - Details make things look expensive. Studs, sequins, ribbon and lace can help your item look more finished.

* Check out other handmade clothes design blog, Deep in Vogue for more ideas and inspiration.