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What to Wear on a Rainy Day?

Rainy Day OutfitSometimes the hardest days to dress for are those when it's rainy, as your look needs to be both practical and stylish. Getting the balance right is often pretty tricky, but we've got a few tips to help you out when it's raining.

Blogger Sarah (right) of Mocha Soy Whippy lives in England so she knows what it's like to dress for wet weather. A hat to protect your hair, some waterproof shoes, and a quick-dry dress are perfect for heading out in the rain, and stylish too!

There are lots of different ways to wear fashionable outfits, whilst  protecting against the rain. You don't have to resort to totally practical but unflattering hiking gear, and it's probably not a great idea to head out in unpractical but pretty high heels and mini skirt.

A great place to find some inspiration is to check out photographs of the English music festival Glastonbury, where celebs and many ultra-stylish people come every year to listen to amazing bands play live. With the unpredictability of British weather, the fans are always dressed practically but very fashionably, and look great no matter if it's raining or sunny!

Here are a few ideas on things to wear:

♥ wellies: the ultimate Glastonbury staple, and perfect for long days in the rain or in the countryside, might not be the best fashion statement if you're headed to town though - instead try a closed pair of brogues or your favorite leather boots (pre waterproofed, of course!)
♥ loose cotton shirts in the latest print, stripes, floral, camo, check: layer them over some vintage band t-shirts for a rock look, or over a pretty tank top to create a feminine look that's very practical too
♥ umbrellas: of course, who would be without this accessory on a rainy day? if you live somewhere windy, invest in a more dome shaped one to avoid it blowing inside out, but otherwise remember the bigger the better!
♥ coats: cover up with a classic trenchcoat, almost guaranteed to not go out of style, and keep you looking every bit the lady. It will also keep any fantastic dress or outfit underneath dry, which is totally sensible. Blazers are a great alternative for anyone who wants to look a little more casual.
♥ hats and snoods: great for rainy days, especially brilliant for keeping hair in tact and un-frizzy! Find the biggest hat possible and tuck your hair into it, or buy a snood to flip up over your hair when it starts to drizzle

And for what to avoid if it's a rainy day:

♥ tights: there's nothing more uncomfortable than wet tights, so avoid them at all costs, leggings are a good alternative
♥ jeans: these get so heavy in the rain, and take forever to dry out. try cotton treggings instead
♥ white tshirts: see-through tee anyone?
♥ any skirt or dress that might billow upwards: this is important only for cold, wet, rainy days where the wind might catch your skirt in the wrong direction and be some cause for embarrassment; but these are perfect for hot, rainy days where a light cotton dress will dry quickly and cool you down in the process
♥ ballet flats: yes, there will be a little puddle in the bottom of your shoe at the end of the day, and you'll start slipping in it, and your feet will get wet, best to try a closed top shoe like a brogue or some boots
♥blowdries: a little bit of a waste of time and money if it get's wrecked by the rain and wind. Either get a permanent blowdry for the wintry weather, or pop your hair up in a chic updo style and accessorise with some large earrings.

If you are headed out on a date in the wet weather, choose a cute well-fitted dress that really shows off your personality, pop on some good leather shoes with a little heel and good grip on the soles. Accessorise well with a big coat, hat, umbrella and jewelry. Keep makeup minimal to avoid it running down your face - plus it's more attractive to keep it as natural as you can!

For a rainy day school look choose your most fantastic coat, and add some really cute accessories to really style it up. Put your hair into the most trendy style you can, a side braid is a perfect style that's easy to replicate and quite weather proof. Take some grips with you to school in case you want to change it during the day, and create some other look. Keep things as natural as possible, that way your hair won't be ruined when it dries naturally, if it's straight keep it straight, if it's naturally curly, keep it curly.