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Fashion Questions


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What To Wear To The AirportChic Airport Outfit

Looking Chic at the Terminal

If you stand a chance of getting upgraded, or not feeling irritable on the flight and get a serious case of outfit regret, then you'll need to plan what to wear to the airport in advance.

Relaxed and comfortable are the most important thing. If your flight is more than a couple of hours, then you may want to sleep in it, so nothing should be tight or painful. Avoid waist belts, pencil skirts, hotpants and strapless tops/dresses.

Audrey at Be Frassy is such a style inspiration. This outfit (right) that she put together recently has 'airport chic' written all over it. Comfortable harem pants, denim jacket, light scarf, sizeable handbag, comfy plimsolls and some large retro shades.

The rest of Frassy's blog has so much style inspiration, you can't help but feel fashion adventurous. Take a risk and try something new.

Comfortable Airplane Outfit

There are all sorts of items which might not be a good idea to wear when checking in at the airport. Go through your wardrobe and work out what you find comfortable, then pick your chic-est look. Add a few comfy accessories that won't get in your way when you are on the plane: scarves, sunglasses, rings.

Remember that you when you go through security you'll have to remove jackets, jewellery, belts and shoes, so ensure they are all super easy to take off. Too many layers, and a million rings will make you feel a bit foolish with a queue of people behind you. Be prepared. Wearing an item which has to be belted is not advisable, enough said.

Trousers are a good way to go, as the cool airplane air conditioning might make you chilly. Comfortable jersey harems are an excellent and fashionable choice this season, but keep your top half simply dressed in a plain tshirt to avoid looking like part of a circus.

Sweatpants or joggers are the most popular item to wear to the airport. They are comfortable, warm and practical for all sorts of weather when you get to your final destination. Accessorize it up with some trendy accessories and shoes so you don't look too preppy.

Keep your hairdo simple and easy to maintain: take a brush or comb and some pins and hairties with you on the flight so you can fix your do when you land. And don't overdo your makeup, let your skin breathe instead...take some moisturiser with you to top up whilst you are in the air.

Carry On Luggage

The restrictions on size may help you take only what is necessary: a spare change of clothes, snacks, a book, magazine, your itinerary, documents and camera. You'll want to put all your personal items in a secure handbag: your passport, some sweets, refreshing spray, mints and your phone.

When searching for luggage, make sure you have your measurement restrictions with you and ask the sales assistant for a measuring tape to check. Think about what kind of strap you need, over the shoulder, hand or wheels. Opt for the biggest possible, as you will want the extra space!